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Ako me te tiaki i te taiao

Sustainability and Outdoor Education

Nurture, sustain and lead the way forward with a rewarding, future-focused career.

Our highly practical outdoor education and sustainability programmes prepare you for meaningful work in a variety of areas from instruction to conservation. They connect and immerse you in the environment and culture, provide unforgettable experiences and empower you to decide your career direction. You’ll share your passion for the outdoors with likeminded people, learn about yourself, grow as a leader and have a lot of fun along the way.

You’ll also be encouraged and challenged in areas such as critical thinking, problem solving, people management and creativity. As a result, you’ll enhance your adaptability and equip yourself to lead and help others in a rapidly changing world. 

Please note: If you’re still at high school, a Dual Enrolment programme at Ara can equip you with skills while you continue your education at school. Find out more here.

Our well-regarded sustainability and outdoor education staff are highly qualified, have extensive sector experience and are passionate about their role in helping you learn. They know the demands of working in this field and share their knowledge, experience and industry connections to ensure you have substantial learning opportunities, both on and off-campus

Field trips and practical exercises make up a substantial proportion of your learning —screens are no substitute for connecting to the outdoors or the community. Through these experiences you’ll be work-ready for a variety of areas when you graduate.

If you think you may require modifications in order to undertake the practical components of a particular course of study, we encourage you to discuss these with us so we can give them careful consideration.

As it may take time to consider and implement any modifications, please contact as early as possible prior to the course starting. We’ll also need to check that there’s no risk of harm to you or anyone else before making a final decision.

Throughout this process we’ll communicate with you in a clear and timely manner.