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Need help?

As a large organisation with a diverse community, we understand that issues, differences and disagreements can arise from time to time. Wherever possible we aim to resolve these situations. To enable this to happen, we have procedures in place.

Depending on the nature of the issue you can:

  • Talk to the person/people involved to see if you can resolve the matter together
  • Speak to your Tutor
  • Contact your Department Leaders: Team Leader, Programme Leader, Academic Manager or Head of Department
  • Speak to our Student Advocate
  • Make a formal complaint

Keep yourself safe at all times. If you are unsafe or require immediate assistance, call Ara Security on 027 540 8076 (City campus) or 027 459 7899 (Timaru campus). If you are in distress, or are unsure what might have happened or how to proceed, several options are listed below if you would like to talk to someone.

Several teams at Ara are available if you would like to talk to someone. For students, examples of support include practical advice and information, help with communication to other parts of the Institution, help with navigating Institution processes and regulations, arranging emergency counselling appointments with the Ara Health Centre, and referral to other support services.

Support Services (A to Z)