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Ara has six campuses throughout the South Island.

We offer nationally recognised and highly regarded certificates, diplomas, degrees and graduate qualifications.

Explore our campus maps below and download printable PDFs.

How to navigate Ara campuses

Our campus signage is designed to help visitors find their way around our campuses easily.

Each building is known by a letter. For example, the Whareora is known as W block. The letter 'W' is shown on the exterior of the building and also on the campus map. Once you're inside a building, you'll see signage for different areas within that building. For example, in the Whareora you'll see signs for the Gym and the Sports Court.

Finding a room is easy. All room codes follow a pattern: block > level > room. So say you're looking for Room W211. First go to the building marked 'W'. Then go to Level 2. Then go to room 11 on that floor. If you're looking for Room N511, you'll find it on the fifth floor of N block.