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Building buy in: Sales Culture and Business reputation


Impress your customers with outstanding customer skills.

This workshop covers: identifying your customers; what customer service is and isn’t; customer service in relation to internal and external customers; evaluating the customer service standards currently being practiced in the workplace; setting SMART goals to improve your customer’s service; applying customer service skills to generate business; identifying barriers to providing great customer service; understanding how attitude can affect the customer service experience; strategies to improve listening skills; strategies to manage difficult customer situations.

Course Code DBCS001
Estimated Time 6 Hours
Cost $475

Please note: You may be charged a portion of the Compulsory Student Services Fee that supports our services available to students. For full information on the Compulsory Student Services Fee, visit fees and finance.

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Building buy in: Sales Culture and Business reputation - Aug 2022 - Timaru
Start date: 23 August 2022
Time: 9am - 4pm